Hello, I'm Dom Tristram,
Green Party candidate
for Bath's MP.


I will fight for real change.

It is easy to look at the state of the country and what many politicians say they will do and just give up. Nobody seems to be putting forward the bold ideas that everyone knows we need, whether that's the shift of taxation from the poorer to the wealthier, restoring our public services back to public hands so that they can be run for us, not for profit, or taking meaningful action to end poverty and recreate the country so that it is run sustainably, for the good of the people and the planet.

You will be told that these things are impossible. They are not. They just don't suit the narrative of the big political parties. Vested interests will try to tell you there's no point voting. "They are all the same", "voting never changes anything", "the party you want can't win anyway". This is all untrue and a useful myth spread by those at the top who fear it.

At the General Election you have the most powerful tool at your disposal - your vote. The Green Party is the only party being honest about the changes we need to make for a fairer, more sustainable country. I am standing on that platform of real change. We can do it. Join me.


I have the direct knowledge and experience lacking in so many of today's career politicians.

I have many years of industry experience in Bath's technology sector, including working with local and national government - I know the reality behind issues faced by our public services, and have worked directly with the people running them. I also have many years of direct experience as a volunteer representing the people of Bath in their healthcare and education services and as a trustee for local charity.

  • NHS

    I was one of the first public governors of the RUH where I was elected by the people of Bath to represent them and their healthcare needs for four years. I had oversight of the hospital and its operations during a time of increasing chaos caused the the Coalition's 'reforms' that took the NHS from record performance to where we are today.

    Professionally I have worked with many NHS organisations around the country including the Dept of Health, hospital and ambulance trusts.

  • Education

    I have been a governor at St Martin's Garden school in Bath including during the very difficult times of the pandemic. Working directly with teachers in one of the most deprived areas of the city gave me a keen awareness of the issues faced by schools everywhere today. I have seen the effect of under-investment, both in the schools themselves and the staff, resulting in a system that is in crisis.

    I have also worked in higher education and have seen the problems and challenges facing both students and academics first-hand.

  • Industry

    Unlike other political candidates I have spent my time since I left education working in Bath's technology sector. I have always preferred to work for independent local businesses and start-ups, and I've seen the issues that these organisations and their employees struggle with when operating in the city. I am now freelance but continue to work in the technology sector.

  • Social Care and Security

    Both of my young children have additional needs and I am very keenly aware of the support, or lack of it, that is available for them. I therefore have a very personal interest in making sure that those with the most need in our city can get the help they need, and looking ahead I want to make sure they can look forward to independent lives. In common with other parents I worry that the current direction of this country is that things are not looking great for those with additional needs without family or wealth to support them. I will fight to make sure that vital services are available to all - not just those that can afford it.

    Only the Greens are serious about properly funding care and social security so that the most in need no longer have to live in fear and poverty.

  • Environment

    I have had an active interest in our environment for many years. It has been very frustrating to see all of the other parties largely ignoring the environment except to pay it lip service when convenient. These years of neglect, from all of the other parties, have resulted in an ever worsening climate and, more immediately, rivers and beaches full of sewage.

    Other politicians wring their hands and offer no solutions. The Greens are very clear - return the utilities to public hands and invest in them properly, and make all polluters pay. Only we will prioritise people over corporate profits.

  • Local Government

    I work closely with our Green Party group on Bath and NE Somerset council where we have two councillors in Bath wards (the Tories and Labour both have none). Working with our councillors, I am aware of the local issues they are working on and the various decisions being made locally.

Fighting For Bath

I have been fighting for Bath and its residents for many years.


With Green Party leader Natalie Bennett supporting the supporter buy-out of Bath City

Supporting the fan buyout of Bath City FC with then Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett.


Working for good quality housing for all

Working for good quality housing for all.


Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime

Campaigning against anti-social behaviour and crime and, importantly, addressing the causes.


Scrap student fees

Only the Green Party will remove fees and write-off debts for education.


RUH Public Governor

I represented the people of Bath as one of their public governors at the RUH for four years.


Speaking up for Bath residents

I have appeared in the media many times speaking-up for Bath and its residents.